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Ray Lakshmi joined the acting world after over a decade of figure skating, dancing, sales, and modeling. Ray is trained in the Sanford Meisner technique and believes in her work being organic and intuitive. 


Ray is known for numerous vocal dialects/ accents such as British, Austrailian, and Southern. She is also fight choreography certified by Hollywood Mastermind and Professional stunt choreographer to many heavyweight stars, Dave Lea.


Ray's intense work ethic, unique look, punctuality, and athleticism has landed her roles on commercials, advertising campaigns, and independent films as well as the 20th Century Fox production "The Sentinel."  Ray is represented by the Diamond Agency.

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Ray is represented by: 

The Diamond Model and Talent Agency
160 International Parkway
Suite 150
Heathrow, FL 32746
(407) 830-4040 – call or text
Talent License: TA0000597

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Lakshmi Ray joined the acting world after over a decade of figure skating athletic achievement and modeling.  She has been in the 20th Century Fox production The Sentinel, and has worked and trained under Hollywood Mastermind and Professional Stunt Cheographer, Dave Lea.  Ms. Ray currently acts under the renown directorship of Daniel Foster, Class Act Dallas.  Lakshmi continues to advance her skillset with comercial work, on site events, and voice manipulation.

"There is something so unbelieveably gratifying about sharing the truth with others.  This is the duty of an artist."